An addiction and mental well-being community that turns me into we at your fingertips.
Rebostoday is a social media startup directed at creating a community for people with Alcohol and other drug dependencies while providing resources and support for the underlying issues of mental health.
At the same time rebostoday will be a community of support and resources for the millions of loved ones that are affected. We are building an AI machine named Akron, that will best match you with the person who is going through the same issues you are, who can give you the experience, strength and hope to stay rebostoday. Not only is rebos, sober spelled backwards, its a way of life created of a community of support and resources that gives tools and a clear direction to reach your full potential in life, everyday. Because alcohol is but a symptom of the overall issue of mental health.
With strategies in place across the entire platform that focus on creating interactive treatment and education plans that can be used across many entities including higher and secondary education, the prison and parole systems, insurance add ons for businesses as well as specific communities for service members and veterans. Rebostoday will use a machine driven neruro-network to connect the users throughout the community with people that match the rebos friend or mentor that is tailored to your specific issues.